Seagulls Are My Friends

...no, really.

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I know this guy...
...who knows this guy, who happens to know another guy...

Well no, not really. I just have this friend who's telling me to try freelancing. She said it can be really hard, especially the competition against bidding, but once you get the job, it's worth it. Maybe I will try it. Won't hurt to at least try. At least I have something to do while I wait for any response from the jobs I applied to.

Still experimenting on GIMP.  Methinks I'll just stick to Photoshop...

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I'm trying to freelance! :D It's great 'cause you get to be almost completely in control. YOU pick the hours, YOU pick the off days, YOU pick the task you're going to get done at a particular shift on a particular day.

It is very hard though, but it's a really fun, exciting challenge if you ask me ^^

What jobs are you freelancing? I heard article writing and graphic design are quite abundant. I think I'll go with graphic design.

Fiction writing, jewelry, handmade stuff

Oh...Goodluck with that.:D And handmade stuff? Like what?

Right now we're working on making some notebooks with fantasy and scifi designs, but I need cardstock first. I wanted to have printed pages and worked on some in Gimp, but Mr. Printer Sonofabitch here on my desk won't print double-sided -.-

Ohh. Why not try drawing on it?

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