Seagulls Are My Friends

...no, really.

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Oh Lordy.
So I kinda sorta forgot I have an LJ.

Wow it's been ages.

Anyways, I've finally finished FF12, defeated Yiazmat, collected almost all the ultimate weapons except for the zodiac spear and escutcheon, leveled Basch so much he can beat up Gabranth bare handed, aaaaand I had tons of work after that ate up most of my time. That, and I discovered the many wonders of customizing gundams. Lots of things happened in the past years which mainly relates to work and other hobbies. It took most of my time, so I barely had any chance to check my internet accounts, haha. Well anyways, I'm sorta back (still doing gundam stuff), so yeah. It's good to be back on the internet.


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